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It wasn't you

Auteur: Ineke Tiolants

Life gave us a dream

we're all trying to reach



Auteur: Ineke Tiolants

Reveal the devil behind your angel eyes


Ine Tiolants KBL6.jpg
Ine Tiolants KBL6.jpg

One of the weak

Auteur: Ineke Tiolants

The sky looks less clear than before

It wasn't us but you who can't breathe no more 


I'm alright

Auteur: Ineke Tiolants

You won't understand all the thoughts in my head


Ine Tiolants KBL10.jpg
Ine Tiolants KBL1.jpg

Tell the world

Auteurs: Jente Pironet & Ineke Tiolants

Don't try to apologize for another 7 times